Sentinel and Kubrow Mods

Price list for unranked Sentinel & Kubrow Mods

Sentinel Mods

Animal InstinctLoot Radar and Enemy SenseNightmare101520
Arc CoilAllows Diriga to zap multiple enemies within range, with a chance to stun.Common
Calculated ShotAllows Diriga to engage enemies within sight with a long-range shot.Common
Coolant LeakSentinel has a small freeze aura, slowing incoming enemies.Rare51015
Crowd DispersionWyrm unleashes a radial stun.Common111
Detect VulnerabilityAllows Helios Sentinel to reveal weakspots on enemies that have had previously completed Codex scans.Rare
Electro PulseAllows Diriga to repeatedly stun a single enemy within range using Electricity status effect .Common
Fast DeflectionIncreases the Shield Recharge of the Sentinel.Uncommon111
Fatal AttractionDraw your enemies close.Common111
Fired Up+10% max overheat damageRare369
GhostShade cloaks its owner when enemies are close.Common111
GuardianThe sentinel boosts its owner's shield when it runs out.Common202530
InvestigatorHelios will Scan Objects and Enemies it encountersCommon111
RedirectionIncreases the Shield Capacity of the Sentinel.Common111
RegenIf the Sentinel is killed he will regenerate once.Common111
RevengeShade retaliates if its master is attacked.Common111
SacrificeSentinels revive its owners at the cost of its own lifeRareUntradableUntradableUntradable
SanctuaryCreates a shield when reviving.Rare101520
Self DestructDeals explosion damage upon death.Rare51015
Spare PartsProvides a chance for the Sentinel to drop a rare material on death.Uncommon111
Steel FiberIncreases the armor of the Sentinel.Common111
StrikerCarrier will attack first enemy in range.Common111
Swift DethDethcube will attack first visible enemy in range.Common111
Targeting ReceptorHelios attacks the first Enemy if seesCommon111
ThumperDjinn will attack first enemy in range.Common111
VacuumPulls pick ups to the Carrier's owner within a certain range.Common111
VaporizeDethcube will deal high damage to target that gets too close.Common111
VitalityIncreases the Health of the Sentinel.Common111
WarriorWyrm will attack first enemy in range.Common111

Kubrow Mods

Name KubrowRarityLowMed High
Animal InstinctThe Kubrow detects the location of nearby enemies and loot for the playerAnyRare152030
BiteIncreases Critical Chance and Critical DamageAnyRare4070110
DigKubrow will dig up Items on the BattlefieldSahasaRare579
Fast Deflection (Kubrow)Increases shield recharge rate of the KubrowAnyUncommon51015
FerocityKubrow will use finisher attacks on enemiesSahasaRare579
HowlKubrow cries out a blood-curdling howl to strike fear into its foesRaksaRare101215
HuntKubrow tackles a nearby Enemie. Can Hit Multiple EnemiesHurasRare253540
Link ArmorShares maximum armor of the player's Warframe with the KubrowAnyUncommon51015
Link HealthShares maximum health of the player's Warframe with the KubrowAnyUncommon51015
Link ShieldsShares maximum shields of the player's Warframe with the KubrowAnyUncommon4912
Loyal CompanionShares maximum bleedout rate of the player's Warframe with the KubrowAnyCommon122
MaulIncreases melee damageAnyUncommon51015
NeutralizeBites the hand of an enemy causing them to drop their weaponChesaRare5710
Pack LeaderTransfers life steal from player's melee attacks to the KubrowAnyCommon112
ProtectKubrow defenses its Master, replenishing both their shields and its ownRaksaRare579
RetrieverThe Kubrow sniffs out loot hidden in crates and dropped by enemies retrieving these items for its masterChesa357
SavageryKubrow overwhelms its prey with a powerful finisher attackSunikaRare357
ScavengeIncreases chance to open lockersAnyCommon112
ShelterCreates a Shield around its owner while they heal fallen AlliesAnyUncommon7911
StalkKubrow cloaks itself and its masterHurasRare152025
UnleashedKubrow grapples a VIP target, forcing them to the groundSunikaRare112

All Prices are for unranked mods.

We don´t consider Mods with less than 10 ranks to be of much higher value than unranked ones, as it takes not much Fusion Cores to max them out. Only exeption from this could be Rare 5 Mods. We suggest to add 20% to the list price if the customer is searching for a ranked mod.