PvP Mods

Mod NameDescriptionTypeRarityLowMediumHigh
Air Thrusters100% Slide Boost while airborne, -0.2 Mobility.WarframeUncommon
Adept SurgeIncrease Bullet Jump, reduce Health, reduce Armor.WarframeUncommon
AfterburnSpectral Scream fires an elemental projectile upon deactivation.ChromaRare
Agile AimFaster Movement While Aiming RifleUncommon
Air ReconDecrease Zoom during Aim GlidePistolUncommon
Anti-Flak Plating40% resist to Blast damage, -0.1 MobilityWarframeUncommon
AnticipationImmune to Stagger for 4 seconds after being staggered. Immune to Knockdown for 4 seconds after being knocked down.WarframeUncommon
Antimatter MineAntimatter Drop creates a fully charged stationary orb that explodes after 6s or when an enemy gets within proximity.NovaRare
Apex PredatorCauses targets hit to be temporarily visible on the minimap.RifleUncommon
Armored AcrobaticsDamage Resistance during Bullet Jump, reduces MobilityWarframeUncommon
Armored EvadeDamage Resistance while dodging, -20% SlideWarframeUncommon
Armored RecoveryDamage Resistance while knocked down, -20% slide.WarframeUncommon
Bounty HunterCauses targets hit to be temporarily visible on the minimap.ShotgunUncommon
Broad EyeDecrease Zoom during Aim GlideShotgunUncommon
Calculated SpringReduce Bullet Jump, increase Health, increase ArmorWarframeUncommon
Calculated VictoryChance to Restore Shield on KillPistolRare
Comet RoundsConverts 20% of damage to Impact.RifleUncommon
CounterweightConverts 20% of damage to Impact.MeleeUncommon
Crash ShotConverts 20% of damage to Impact.ShotgunUncommon
Deceptive Bond50% of damage Loki takes is transferred to Decoy, and vice versa.LokiRare
Defiled ReckoningReckoning Health orbs become unusable by enemies.ObergonRare
Discharge StrikeSoul Punch also depletes up to 25 energy from the target.NekrosRare
Double-Barrel Drift20% reduction in recoil and spread when firing while sliding.ShotgunRare
Eject MagazineReloads a portion of the clip while holstered every second.PistolRare
Explosive DemiseEnemies killed explode, dealing damage shortly after death.MeleeRare
Flak ShotConverts 20% of damage to Slash.ShotgunUncommon
Follow ThroughOn Kill, gain +1 Energy for 8 seconds.WarframeRare
Gun Glide20% reduction in recoil and spread when firing while sliding.Assault RifleRare
HeartseekerAutomatically lock onto targets within 4m, but reduce amount of damage able to be blocked by 75%DaggersRare
Hysterical FixationHysteria initial duration will be decreased, but each kill will increase duration.ValkyrRare
Ice Wave ImpedanceIce Wave leaves a frozen trail that will slow down enemies that come into contact with it. FrostRare
Impaler MunitionsConverts 20% of damage to Puncture.PistolUncommon
Impenetrable OffenseAt Max Energy, +40% Damage Block.MeleeRare
Iron ShrapnelIron Skin does puncture damage and knocking down enemies upon recasting.RhinoRare
Kinetic CollisionIncreases Speed's duration when the player makes contact with an opponent.VoltRare
Lie In WaitHigher Aimed Damage, More RecoilSniperRare
Lock and LoadReloads a portion of the clip while holstered every second. ShotgunRare
Low Current LeapIncrease Mobility, reduces Energy MaxWarframeUncommon
Martial FuryWith a melee equipped attack speed increases on hit.MeleeRare
Mesa's WaltzDodge roll while Peacemaker is active at the cost of 5 energy. MesaRare
Meteor MunitionsConverts 20% of damage to Impact.PistolUncommon
Momentary PauseChance to Restore Health on KillShotgunRare
Night StalkerCauses targets hit to be temporarily visible on the minimap.PistolUncommon
OverchargedUp to 25 respawn energy converted at 200% to Overshields.WarframeRare
Overcharge DetectorsExposes Enemies, who are at their maximum energy capacity.WarframeUncommon
OverviewDecrease Zoom during Aim GlideAssault RifleUncommon
Power of ThreeQuiver fires three arrows and consumes 20 more energy.IvaraRare
Prism GuardPrism follows above Mirage for 4 seconds.MirageRare
Prize KillChance to Restore Shield on KillShogunRare
Purging SlashSlash Dash removes allies' debuffs and restores their shields when hit by it.ExcaliburRare
Purifying FlamesFire Blast remove debuffs if allies enter the fire. EmberRare
Push & PullMetamorphosis. Switching to Day-form staggers enemies within 6m and knocks them down when switching to Night-form.EquinoxRare
Quick ChargeDecreases Shield recharge delay. Reduces Shield Capacity.WarframeRare
Razor MunitionsConverts 20% of damage to Slash.PistolUncommon
Recharge BarrierElectric Shield restores allies' shields when they pass through it.VoltRare
RecoverChance to Restore Health on KillRifleRare
RecuperateChance to Restore Health on KillPistolRare
Reflex DrawIncreases the holster rate. PistolUncommon
Relentless AssaultWith melee equipped and On Kill, increases attack speed for a short time.MeleeRare
Rime VaultAt Max Energy, increased Bullet Jump and Cold Damage WarframeRare
Ripper RoundsConverts 20% of damage to Puncture.RifleUncommon
Rising SkillIncrease Bullet Jump, reduce Shield, reduce Armor. WarframeUncommon
RumbledAtlas becomes a Rumbler with rock armor that can absorb up to 500 damage.AtlasRare
Sapping ReachPull steals energy from the targetMagRare
Searing LeapAt Max Energy, increased Bullet Jump and Heat DamageWarframeRare
Serrated EdgesConverts 20% of damage to Puncture.MeleeUncommon
Serrated RoundsConverts 20% of damage to Slash.RifleUncommon
Sharpened BladeConverts 20% of damage to Slash.MeleeUncommon
Shield OverloadShield Polarize increases shield recharge time of the target.MagRare
Shred ShotConverts 20% of damage to Puncture.ShotgunUncommon
Signal FlareRadial Blind temporarily marks affected enemies on the minimap.ExcaliburRare
SingularityAbsorb creates a ring every 3 seconds that drags targets in.NyxRare
Snap ShotFaster Movement While AimingShotgunUncommon
Soft HandsIncreases the holster rate. ShotgunUncommon
Spring-Loaded BroadheadIncreased damage by up to 30% if the target is over 20m away.DaikyuRare
Spry SightsFaster Movement While Aiming PistolUncommon
Stand GroundBlocking reduces damage taken from enemy abilities.MeleeRare
Strafing Slide20% reduction in recoil and spread when firing while sliding.PistolRare
Surplus DivertersGain energy, upon replenishing shields completely after they have been deactivated.WarframeRare
Sword AloneWith melee equipped, +0.1 Mobility.MeleeRare
Tactical ReloadReloads a portion of the clip while holstered every second.Assault RifleRare
Tear GasSmoke Screen blinds enemies within 4 meters for 3 seconds.AshRare
Tempered BoundReduce Bullet Jump, increase Shield, increase ArmorWarframeUncommon
TwitchIncreases the holster rate.RifleUncommon
Vanquished PreyChance to Restore Shield on KillRifleRare
Venomous RiseAt Max Energy, increased Bullet Jump and Toxic Damage WarframeRare
Voltaic LanceAt Max Energy, increased Bullet Jump and Electricity DamageWarframeRare
Ward RecoveryWarding Halo. 50% of the casting cost returned based on how much protection is left.NezhaRare
Adrenaline Boost Increase Energy but reduces healthWarframe Rare
Ambush OpticsDecreases Zoom.RubicoRare
Blind ShotIncreases Flight Speed and decreases AccuracyPistolRare
Brain StormOn Head Shot, +100% Ammo Efficiency for 0.5 seconds.GrakataRare
Deft TempoOn headshot, +10% Bullet Jump speed for 4 seconds.Assault RifleRare
Directed ConvergenceIncrease accuracy by 100% when aiming.SupraRare
Double TapOn hit, +40% damage for 0.3 seconds.LatronRare
Feathered ArrowsIncrease flight speed but reduces damageBowUncommon
Final ActAt low health, +20% power efficiency and +50% power range for 4 secondsWarframe Rare
Final TapOn 4 hits within 0.5 seconds, increase damage by 100% for 0.2 seconds.HindRare
Focused AccelerationIncrease Projectile Speed by 80% when aiming.TetraRare
Full CapacityIncreases Magazine Capacity and decreases reload speedPistolCommon
Gorgon FrenzyOn kill, 30% increase in fire rate for 3 seconds.GorgonRare
GrinlokedOn Hit, +60% accuracy for 3 seconds.GrinlockRare
Hastened StepsIncrease Sprint speed but reduces shield capacityWarframe Rare
Heavy Warhead100% Explosion Radius, -50% Flight Speed. PistolRare
Heightened ReflexesQuicken casting speed but reduces energy efficiencyWarframe Rare
Hydraulic BarrelDecreases Weapon Recoil and Magazine capacityPistolRare
Hydraulic ChamberDecreases Weapon Recoil and Magazine capacityShotgunRare
Hydraulic GaugeDecreases Weapon Recoil and Magazine capacityAssault RifleRare
Kill SwitchOn kill, +50% reload speed for 4 seconds. ShotgunRare
Loaded CapacityIncreases Magazine Capacity and decreases reload speedShotgunUncommon
Loose ChamberIncreases Reload Speed and Weapon RecoilShotgunUncommon
Loose HatchIncreases Reload Speed and Weapon RecoilAssault RifleCommon
Loose MagazineIncreases Reload Speed and Weapon RecoilPistolCommon
Lucky ShotIncreases Flight Speed and decreases AccuracyRfileUncommon
Maximum CapacityIncreases Magazine Capacity and decreases reload speedAssault RifleCommon
Measured BurstIncrease damage by 30%, decrease Fire Rate by 60% when aiming.TiberonRare
Mortal ConductAt Low Health, +60% Channeled Damage Reflection for 8 seconds.MeleeRare
Plan BOn hit, +20% Secondary Weapon Fire Rate for 4 seconds.BowRare
Rapid ConsequenceOn Kill, +50% reload speed for 3 seconds. SniperRare
Secondary WindOn Kill, +5 Health Regen for 5 Seconds. PistolRare
Shrapnel Rounds200% Multishot, -66% Damage.MarelokRare
Skull ShotsOn Head Shot, +100% Ammo Efficiency for 1 second.ViperRare
Soaring Strike50% Fire rate while airborne.BowRare
Static AlacrityIncreases Flight Speed, -50% Explosion Radius.StaticorRare
Sudden JusticeOn 2 hits within 0.2 secs, increase Fire Rate 30% for 2 seconds.SybarisRare
Tactical RetreatAt low health, +0.1 mobility for 4 seconds Warframe Rare
ThundermiterCharged Projectiles explode, -50% fire rate. MiterRare
Triple TapOn 2 hits within 0.2 seconds, increase damage by 40% for 0.5 secondsBurstonRare
Vital Systems BypassGain Health Regen, but increased Shield Recharge DelayWarframe Rare