Prices are Updated! – The New Team is here! – Login Problem Solved

First off, sorry for not updating the prices for such a long time. From today on you can trust in our price lists again!

Warframe Trading now has a new team managing and updating the trade prices. We are dedicated to bring you consistent and accurate information regarding in game goods. We hope that you will continue to use WF Trading as your library for in game Warframe pricing. Thank you all for using and supporting

If you find any prices you don´t agree with please let us know so we can check them again!

In other News we want to let you know that we will have a Giveaway in the near Future so be sure to check out our News and Facebookpage!

We also just solved our Password and Login Problems! If you registered and did not get your Password you should be able to request a new password now. Please let us know if you encounter any problems!