Corrupted Mods

Here are all the Corrupted mods currently in warframe.

Corrupt ChargeIncreases charge damage while reducing charge speed of melee weapons.MeleeRare101520
Spoiled StrikeIncreases damage while reducing attack speed of melee attacks.MeleeRare101215
Magnum ForceIncreases damage and decreases accuracy.PistolRare121520
Anemic AgilityIncreases Fire Rate while decreasing Weapon DamagePistolRare5710
Creeping BullseyeIncreases Crit Chance while decreasing Fire RatePistolRare101215
Tainted ClipIncreases pistol magazine capacity while decreasing reload speed.PistolRare345
Hollow PointIncreases critical hit damage while reducing the damage of Pistols.PistolRare345
Vile PrecisionDecreases weapon recoil and fire rate of primary weapons.RifleRare5710
Heavy CaliberIncreases damage of Rifles at the cost of reducing accuracy.RifleRare152530
Critical DelayIncreases the critical hit chance while reducing the fire rate of Rifles.RifleRare5710
Vile AccelerationIncreases Fire Rate while decreasing Weapon DamageRifleRare101215
Tainted MagIncreases the magazine capacity while decreasing the reload speed of Rifles.RifleRare345
Vicious SpreadIncreases damage and the spread of Shotgun fire.ShotgunRare101520
Tainted ShellReduces the spread of Shotgun fire while also decreasing the fire rate.ShotgunRare346
Frail MomentumIncreases Fire Rate while decreasing Weapon DamageShotgunRare101215
Burdened MagazineIncreases magazine capacity while reducing the reload speed of Shotguns.ShotgunRare345
Critical DeclerationIncreases Crit Chance while decreasing Fire RateShotgunRare5710
OverextendedIncreases Power Range while reducing Power Strength.WarframeRare253035
Transient FortitudeIncreases Power Strength while decreasing Power DurationWarframeRare202530
Narrow MindedIncreases Power Duration while reducing Power Range.WarframeRare152025
Blind RageIncreases Power Strength while reducing Power Efficiency.WarframeRare202530
Fleeting ExpertiseIncreases Power Efficiency but reduces Power Duration.WarframeRare202530