Nightmare Mods

Here are the current nightmare mods and their prices.

Accelerated BlastIncreases fire rate and adds additional armor piercing damageRare5710
BlazeIncreases Attack Damage and Fire Damage.Rare152025
ConstitutionIncreases knockdown recovery and Power Duration.Rare51015
Focus EnergyIncreases Electrical Damage and Channeling EfficiencyRare5710
FortitudeIncreases stagger resistance and shield recharge rate.Rare5710
Hammer ShotIncreases critical damage and status chanceRare152530
Ice StormIncreases Ice Damage + Status ChanceRare51015
Lethal TorrentIncreases fire rate and occasionally shoot multiple bullets.Rare101520
Rending StrikeIncreases Slash Damage and Puncture DamageRare5710
ShredIncreases fire rate and puncture distance.Rare51015
Stunning SpeedIncreased reload speed and status chance.Rare357
VigorIncreases your maximum health and shield capacity.Rare51015
WildfireIncreases Fire Damage + Magazine CapacityRare5710
Armored AgilityArmored Agility increases the Sprint Speed and armor of Warframes.Rare101520
Seeking FurySeeking Fury is a Nightmare Mode shotgun mod that increases Reload Speed and adds Punch ThroughRare152025
Animal InstinctAnimal Instinct is a Companion mod that gives Enemy Sense and Loot Detection effects to the companion's owner.Rare202530