Melee & Stance Mods

Price list for unranked Melee & Stance Mods

Stance Mods

NameWeapon TypeRarityLowMediumHigh
Astral TwilightGlaivesRare150170190
Atlantis VulcanNunchakuUncommon101520
Bleeding WillowPolearmsRare121820
Blind JusticeNikanasUncommon151725
Brutal TideHands&Feet Rare71318
Burning WaspWhip Uncommon357
Clashing ForestStavesUncommon4615
Cleaving WhirlwindHeavy Sword/AxesRare71220
Coiling ViperWhip Rare4712
Crimson DervishSwordsRare405060
Crossing SnakesDual Sword Rare101517
Crushing RuinHammersRare101520
Decisive JudgementNikanasRare102025
Defiled SnapdragonBlade and WhipRare152540
Eleventh StormSword and ShieldUncommon101317
Final HarbingerSword and Shield Uncommon203040
Flailing BranchStavesRare81015
Four RidersClawsRare506580
Fracturing WindFistsUncommon359
Gaia's TragedyFistsRare152030
Gemini CrossTonfasUncommon357
Gleaming TalonGlaivesRare202535
Gnashing PayaraDual DaggersRare101525
Grim FuryHands&Feet Uncommon71218
High NoonGunbladeRare203040
Homing FangDaggersUncommon359
Iron PhoenixSwordsRare61015
Malicious RaptorClawsRare102030
Pointed WindDaggersRare4612
Reaping SpiralScythesUncommon51015
Rending CraneHeavy Sword/Axes Uncommon71012
Seismic PalmFistsRare4612
Shattering StormHammersUncommon101215
Shimmering BlightPolearmsUncommon101520
Sinking TalonDual DaggersUncommon101520
Stalking FanScythesRare91520
Sundering WeaveMachetesUncommon125
Swirling TigerDual Sword Uncommon5912
Tempo RoyaleHeavy Swords/AxesRare170200230
Tranquil CleaveNikanasRare151722
Vengeful RevenantSwordsRare405060
Vermilion StormClawsRare607590

Melee Mods

Auger StrikeIncreases Puncture b Puncture damageRare80110125
BerserkerIncrease attack speed on critical hitRare203040
Blood RushIncreases Critical chance as the Melee Combo Counter increases.Uncommon203040
Body CountExtends the duration of the Melee Combo CounterCommon152025
Buzz KillIncreases base Slash b Slash damageRare100125150
Collision ForceIncreases base Impact b Impact damageRare
Corrupt ChargeIncreases charge damage while reducing charge speed of melee weapons.Corrupted101215
Covert LethalityExtra Damage for DaggersRare203040
Enduring StrikeIncreases the status chance of melee weapons while Channeling at the cost of reduced channeling efficiency.Common579
Energy ChannelAdds bonus melee damage based on Warframe ability energy usageRare
Fever Strikeincreases Poison DamageUncommon579
Finishing TouchIncreases finisher damageUncommon571
Focus EnergyIncreases the charge speed of charged melee attacks and adds additional electricity damageNightmare575
Focused DefenseIncreases armor while channeling at the cost of reduced channeling efficiency.Common202530
FuryIncreases rate of fireUncommon571
Heavy Trauma increases impact damageRare358
Jagged Edgeincrease the Slash DamageRare152028
Killing BlowIncreases the damage of charged melee attacksUncommon356
Lasting StingIncreases the duration of status effects Common101520
Life StrikeAdds Life Steal to Melee Weapon while reducing Channeling EfficiencyRare172535
Maiming StrikeIncreases the chance of a Critical Hit on slide attacks.Rare202530
Melee ProwessIncreases melee status chance.Uncommon511
Molten ImpactAdds additional fire damage to the weapon.Uncommon511
North WindAdds additional freeze damage to the weapon.Uncommon511
Organ ShatterMakes your critical strikes deal even more damageCommon511
ParryIncreases Chance to trigger a Counterattack on Enemies in Melee when blocking while ChannelingCommon112
Power ThrowAllows your Glaive to puncture indefinete amount of enemies.Rare534
Pressure PointIncreases base damageCommon579
Quick ReturnReduce bounce of GlaiveCommon579
QuickeningIncreases the attack speed of melee weapons while channeling at the cost of reduced channeling efficiency.Rare579
ReachIncreases melee rangeCommon579
ReboundIncreases bounce of GlaiveCommon579
Reflex CoilIncreases the charge speed of charged melee attacks.Uncommon579
Rending StrikeIncreases Puncture Damage and Slash DamageNightmare579
Second WindProvide stamina on melee killCommon579
Seismic WaveIncreases Ground Slam DamageUncommon101520
Shocking TouchAdds additional electricity damage to the weapon.Uncommon579
Smite CorpusIncreases damage against Corpus unitsUncommon579
Smite GrineerIncreases damage against Grineer unitsUncommon579
Smite InfestedIncreases damage against Infested unitsUncommon579
Spoiled StrikeIncreases damage while reducing attack speed of melee attacks.Corrupted5715
Sundering StrikeIncreases Puncture DamageRare256
True PunishmentIncreases Crit Chance while reducing Channeling EfficiencyUncommon5912
True SteelIncreases chances of a critical strikeCommon111
Vicious FrostIncreases chance of causing status effects
Adds Cold damage to attacks
Virulent ScourgeIncreases chance of causing status effects
Adds Toxin damage to attacks
Volcanic EdgeIncreases chance of causing status effects
Adds Heat damage to attacks
Voltaic StrikeIncreases chance of causing status effects
Adds Electricity damage to attacks
Weeping WoundsIncreases Status chance as the Melee Combo Multiplier increases.Uncommon101520
WhirlwindIncreases Glaive flight speedRare101520

All Prices are for unranked mods.

We don´t consider Mods with less than 10 ranks to be of much higher value than unranked ones, as it takes not much Fusion Cores to max them out. Only exeption from this could be Rare 5 Mods. We suggest to add 20% to the list price if the customer is searching for a ranked mod.