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What is Warframe Trading?

As trading Mods, Voidkeys and Platinum was recently introduced to Warframe most players did not know how to approach this Topic.

Before trade was in, the best you could do with double mods was using them for fusing or use them on your sentinels weapon. Now things have changed and good mods are worth some other mods you really want or even platinum.

As droprates, rarity and usefullness of most mods are not well known to everyone, we heard about many unfair trades in the first days. To avoid this in the future we will try to provide a baseline for what mods are worth so everyone can make sure hes doing a good trade.

We have put much thougth and research into this and will update prices and new mods as soon as we can.

Feel free to comment and contact us if you think we got something wrong or you want to contribute in some other way!